Revised Common Lectionary Commentary

Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost - July 31, 2016

Introductions for Readers

Saint Dominic contemplating the Scriptures

Saint Dominic
contemplating the Scriptures

Hosea 11:1-11

In symbolic language, Hosea has told of the deviation of the people of the northern kingdom (Israel) from God’s ways: they have deserted God and his covenant with them. Now he foretells their exile to Assyria.

Colossians 3:1-11

The author has said that in baptism the Christians at Colossae share in Christ’s death, suffering and resurrection. Now he tells them the ethical implications of being a member of the baptised community.

Luke 12:13-21

A large crowd has gathered round Jesus. Now he instructs both them and his disciples on the importance of a proper relationship with God. No one should selfishly amass wealth to the exclusion of spirituality.

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