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Christ Church, St Andrew's East

Christ Church, St Andrew's East Christ Church was founded in 1819, and constructed on a site donated by Sir John Johnson, Seigneur of St Andrew's. A brick building, it initially contained 34 pews, including a Seigneurial pew. A sanctuary was added in 1826, a bequest of Lt. Col. George Taylor, whose body was entombed beneath the altar. (The chancel was subsequently extended, so the vault containing the body must now lie beneath the entrance to the Chancel.)

The parish of St Andrew was actually erected in 1822 by Letters Patent issued under the authority of King George IV.

The first rector, Joseph Abbott, was the father of Sir John Abbott, first Canadian-born Prime Minister, who was baptized in Christ Church.

The third rector, Richard Lonsdell, was the first Archdeacon of St Andrew's, a title which continues today in the Archdeaconry of St Andrew's.

Christ Church is the oldest Anglican church in the Laurentians, and the mother church of Holy Trinity, Lakefield, St Matthew's, Grenville, St Simeon's, Lachute, Holy Trinity, Hawkesbury, and St James', Hudson.

Set in a beautiful, open property, Christ Church is also home to a cemetery.

With the arrival of the railway in Lachute, St Andrew's began a long period of decline as economic activity shifted north. The side galleries, added in 1846, were removed in 1900, thus restoring the open beauty of the nave, but also recognizing that the extra seating in the galleries would never be needed. Sadly, there is now only a small group of faithful parishioners worshipping in this historic building. It is now only possible to hold two or three services per year in Christ Church, aside from weddings or funerals.

Christ Church Interior Today, Christ Church is a designated Historic Site. It is part of the Parish of St Andrew, and continues to host services in the summer, as well as weddings and funerals on request.

But now, with only three members left, Christ Church is no longer able to continue functioning as an active parish, and will close at the end of the summer of 1999.

Information on the Parish:

Service Schedule, 1999
27 June, 1999 11:00 a.m. Holy Communion
25 July, 1999 11:00 a.m. Holy Communion
29 August, 1999 11:00 a.m. Holy Communion
and Deconsecration

All are welcome to join us for worship

Getting There

You can get to St Andrew's East from Lachute, by following route 327 (rue Argenteuil in Lachute), or from Highway 50 at Exit 258. Take 327 south, about 8 kilometres from highway 50. * Entering St Andrew's East, you will pass the Catholic Church, as the road curves to the right. Cross the bridge over the North River, then continue another few hundred metres. Watch for Christ Church on your right.

* Note: Highway 50 goes West from Highway 15 at Exit 35. It is complete as of October, 1998, although the map below may not yet indicate this.

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Christ ChurchSt Andrew's East, QC
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The Anglican Parish of St Andrew
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